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Dr. Tom Kuster is the host of the GOWM Online Conferences, and the executive director of the Christ in Media Institute at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota, USA

This is a place where you can leave your general public comments about the entire conference, and your suggestions of topics and presenters for our next GOWM conference scheduled for the fall of 2019. If you wish to convey a private comment, email it directly to Dr. Tom Kuster.

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Paul Grubbs (Martin Luther College) 2018-11-03 3:20:32pm
This conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Evangelism ambitions and efforts all over the world. The chance to interact with missionaries and those developing tools for that work over the internet is outstanding.

Two quick interface suggestions - and given my limited background I do not know if these are highly complicated or quite simple:

a) Could there be a button to edit a posting once published, or pull down a posting and then replace it? (Or maybe that is already in place and I've overlooked it?) Some of my students only noticed typos or distracting phrasing after they clicked "Post" and they were unable to find a way to digitally recant :) If it would not be too complicated to allow a user to either edit his/her posting or just pull it down and replace it with an edited one, that would be a nice feature.

b) If a visitor entered his/her email address when making a post, could that author receive an automated email if the presenter responded to the post? I am thinking about the Google Docs model, where when a reader places a comment on an author's document, the author immediately receives an email reflecting that response. For an asynchronous conference, that type of notification might help the conversations extend more frequently beyond a first response posting. I tried to check every few days and alert students whose postings had received responses, but maybe there's a more automated option?

I can only imagine the vast amount of time required to coordinate and plan this event. Sincere thanks to those on the organizational end and those who made time to share their work and engage in dialogue regarding future possibilities. The MLC students that worked through the materials in class were excited by the vast potential on display and impressed to see the creative strategies artists of all types brought to our blessed opportunity to share God's word.
Tom Kuster (Christ in Media Institute) 2018-11-05 9:35:17am
Thank you, Paul. Your comments in this section are always helpful. I'll check these things out with our web guru.